Municipality of Calinog and the Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival


Let’s hangout in the Town of Calinog!

Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival

In the wake of modernization and technological breakthrough in the world today, an age-old cultural heritage that mirrors the vast wealth of the past is deeply carved in the gentle hearts of the “ Calinognons ” as depicted in their annual celebration of Hirinugyaw Festival.

The Hirinugyaw Foundation and the people unite in innovating the festivity by interconnecting “ Suguidadonay ”, a Panay Bukidnon dialect which means “sharing” to the whole concept of the celebration. Panay Bukidnons are the aborigines living in the mountains of Calinog . These people recite unique ethnic rituals and chants worthy to be treasured.

The organizers of the festival also wanted to honor Calinog’s national artist and historian Federico Caballero for his great effort to chronicle and translate the ethnic chants of the Panay Bukidnons in a four volume book that truly mirrors the true essence of the town’s rich cultural wealth. In the light of cultural awakening, this year the exceptional festivity was finally dubbed as “ Hirinugyaw-Suguidadonay ” to revive the past, soar in jubilee and be one in spiritual bliss…

 Hangout in Iloilo and join us in the celebration of Ilonggos and Calinognanons’ pride: The Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival!!


Source: The News Today, by Ronelo S. Ladiao,