Municipality of Zarraga, Iloilo and the Pantat Festival


Let’s hangout in Zarraga!

Pantat Festival Celebration, Municipality of Zarraga, iloilo

(The News Today, by Bombette G. Marin, Dec. 2006)

Pantat Festival is Zarraga’s biggest fiesta aimed at promoting pantat production as a promising agro-industry of the province held every 3rd week of December. In choreographed movement, participating tribes, mostly clad in traditional fishermen’s outfit or wrapped in black cloth symbolizing the pantat dances in a synchronized manner to the beat of the drums. Every year, the people of Zarraga headed by their municipal oficials is inviting everyone to join them in celebrating the  Pantat Festival. Highlights of this 5-day celebration is the Pantat Cooking Contest.

Zarraga is ever thankful to its pantat industry playing a dominant role in the town’s economy. For some time, economic development depended on their production of catfish. The Zarraga Pantat Producers Association (ZAPA), re-organized in July of 2006 and currently with 23 members is the sole mover in the propagation of hito hatcheries in the different barangays, making the town known as the provinces’ “pantat capital” and the region’s trading center.

Zarraga has its share of heritage site that is commonly seen dotting every town in the province, a living testimony to its colonial past. It has preserved its colonial atmosphere with squares, and a few houses built in typical Spanish style. Located at the back of the town plaza is the Doronila house built in 1930 and the Gustilo Castilla house in Barangay Balud Liloan built in 1860. The strength of the people living in these houses is reflected in the sturdiness of its structure with massive hardwood floorings and balustrades.

Hangout in Iloilo and join us in the celebration of Ilonggos and Zarragan-ons’ pride: The Pantat Festival!!

2005 Pantat Festival video clip


photo source: News Today and